The Red Cross Youth Uppsala have several different activity groups and are always searching for volunteers and new ideas. If you want to join don´t hesitate to contact us. In some of our activity groups it is required to know some Swedish to be able to volunteer, but in two activities everyone is welcome!

The Breakfast Club is a group where volunteers serve breakfast at a middle school once a week. It gives the youths a chance to get proper breakfast and a good start of the day. It gives a possibility for students, volunteers and school staff to hang out and start the day together. No language skills are required. Contact them on: frukostklubben.rkuf.uppsala@gmail.com

The Soccer Team ”Fotbollsgruppen” meets once a week to play soccer and hang out. Contact them on: fotbollsgrupp.rkuf.uppsala@gmail.com


If you would like to know more about our activities don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Contact: rkuf.uppsala@redcross.se