What we think

The Red Cross Youth takes part of political advocacy work to ensure that human rights are respected. We do this to ease the effects of humanitarian challenges in Sweden and the world, and to prevent them from happening. We will give a brief description of our views in this section. If you want more information you can read our full Humanitarian Poltical Program 2015-2017

The vision – a humane society

Our vision is that the value of children and young people should come first. We also want that children and young people should be seen as important people in our society. A humane society should respect children and young people’s human rights and give them the possibilities to live a good life. Humanity must come first at all times. It is our responsibility to act if we see political decisions going against our values and beliefs.

Our advocacy is based on the Red Cross’ fundamental principles and on the experiences from the activities we do.

Love and respect, how damn difficult can it be?

Our motto is love and respect. We support everyone’s human rights. We stand up against mistreatment and racism. Our work is based on feminism and that means we believe in equal rights for everyone, regardless of your gender, ethnicity, class sexuality, age or functionality, etc.

We want a society that respects human rights. We want human rights to be respected during asylum processes. All unaccompanied children should be looked after and get the help they need. Every district in Sweden must have good knowledge and resources so that they can help these children.

Europe’s borders are growing stronger. Many people do not have a visa and they have to travel to Europe illegally. This journey is often dangerous and many people  die along the way. This is unacceptable. We believe that Sweden have a responsibility to ensure people’s safety, not just when coming to Sweden, but also within the European Union and internationally.

Humanitarian Migration and Social Security

2015-2017, we work in the areas of Humanitarian Migration and Social Security. Children and young people’s safety should always come first, no matter if you are waiting for an asylum decision or already living in Sweden.

We believe we need to strengthen the security for children and young people in the community. We meet many children who are afraid of what their future will be like, afraid they might have to leave Sweden. The unaccompanied children who comes to Sweden only get support from society till they turn 18 years old. The society does not give them much help in finding their families either.

The methods that are used to find out how old a child is are not friendly. There is a growing distrust and ignorance towards unaccompanied children. This attitude is also common among the people who work with these children. The staff must learn to recognize the symptoms of torture and how to treat young people who have been through trauma. There is also little support for young people who have to return to their home country. Why is love and respect so difficult?