We are RKUF Halmstad



The first (and highly valuable) positions in our association is to be a member, it is free and do not require anything but confirmation of on-going dedication once a year. The rights who comes with the membership is the right to vote at the årsmöte/annual meeting and the knowledge that your choice has given the association more authority and strength, which increases our possibilities to influence others and get money for financing our work to help those in need.


The volunteers are those who conduct the activities and are engaged in the work of the association. All tasks are non-profitable moneywise, instead you get joy, experience  and the knowledge that you have done something amazing for others. To balance work and humor, as well as placing the right person in the right position, is of highest importance for us in Halmstad, because we want to give every single person something positive out of their experience with us, regardless of the nature of the relationship. Every volunteer have different preconditions in the matter of time, practice and interests because every human being is unique, just like our volunteers. Are you interested in the work of the volunteers or would like to join them? Press the title in the left column named ”Voluntärer // Volunteers”

Elected representatives

These are the individuals who are in the board and in the nominating committee, who are selected by the members on the årsmöte/annual meeting. The work of the nominating committee consists of finding candidates for the election on the following årsmöte/annual meeting. The candidates are presented to the members, which choose those who they want for the new board. It must be at least 3 persons: one president, one paymaster and one commissioner. Together, they shall have the general responsibility for the association and are the center between the branches. Do you want to learn more about the work of the board, or get to know the ruling one? Press the title in the left column named ”Styrelse // Board”