The breakfast club – a good start to the day

We have breakfast clubs at schools in Malmö and Göteborg. The breakfast club is a safe meeting place that gives students a better day at school.

Our breakfast clubs give students a good start to the day and help them to do better in school. The breakfast club is a partnership between the Red Cross Youth and schools and it is our volunteers who serve breakfast to the students.

If a child eats little or no breakfast it will be difficult for that child to concentrate and do good in school. If a child eats little it can also effect the child’s health.

We want all children to have the same possibilities to do good in school. That is why we have breakfast clubs together with six schools in Malmö and one in Göteborg.

A friendlier atmosphere

The breakfast is more than the food we eat. The breakfast club is a calm and safe meeting place where students, school staff and Red Cross Youth volunteers meet and eat together.

Our volunteers serve as role models. The students also help out to serve the breaksfast, which makes their own involvement grow.

It is very important for a child to feel involved and important. In The Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 12, one can read more about this.

You can help – be a volunteer

If you live in Malmö or Göteborg you can become a volunteer in a breakfast club.

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